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Dear UniHi Graduates - Class of Summer 1950 - Alohans & Friends,

HELD ON MAY 20-22, 2005

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If you change your contact information (including e-mail address), please contact Larry PORTER by one of the means mentioned below so that we can continue to contact you electronically or by snail mail, as needed.

Your Terrific Tracking Team* is still on the job, searching for those we have not yet located. Right after the 2000 reunion, we were missing contact information for 117 of our 407 fellow graduates. Since then, we have amazingly located 107 of those 117. Unfortunately, 27 of those have been confirmed as deceased. That leaves us with only 10 (3.2%) still missing contact info. The list of missing is included in this web site. Please review that list. If you have any clue that might help us locate someone, contact Larry PORTER at , phone and fax 925-837-8064, or P. O. Box 564, Alamo, CA 94507. Almost any information might be useful: a phone number, address, married name, where they went to school or to live after graduating Uni, or even the name of a friend or relative who might know their whereabouts. Any information received will be kept strictly confidential and only used for reunion planning and invites.

Two additional lists are included in this web site: a list of email addresses of your classmates which can be used to rekindle relationships if you wish, and a list of the known deceased Alohans.

We hope this web site will provide a vehicle for sharing personal experiences. What have you all been up to that you would like to let others in our class know about? How about recent trips, accomplishments, family news, etc.? Items of interest for this page should be sent to Charlie CORBATO ( ) or Dave HAND ( ). We will include your item in the News secton. You can also place your own news item or greeting by using the new Guestbook feature. Please go to the Guestbook and see what others have written.

If you have not received a recent Alumni Newletter from Uni, that means you are not on their mailing list. To be included in the future please get your address to Carolyn Sausser Lynch. Her phone number is: 310-478-9833, ext. 374 or 310-472-5730, and email address: .

By the way, UniHi, now "Home of the Wildcats," has rebuilt its web site (

*The members of the Terrific Tracking Team (TTT), who in addition to searching for missing Alohans have contributed significantly to this web site, are the following:

Charlie CORBATO ( )
Larry PORTER ( )
The TTT as pictured in 1950 (Ed, Ivan Charlie, and Larry).

Comments about the last or next(?) reunion, news items for this web site, or information about missing or deceased Alohans can be sent to any of the TTT or to David Hale HAND ( ).


Last updated on 10/23/05
Webmaster: Charlie Corbato ( )


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