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On May 5-6, 2000, the Alohans — summer class of 1950, decided it was time to see who was still out there — and gather. We picked the Radisson Hotel, as have a few other Uni alums — near LAX. We picked that particular weekend to tie into Uni's 75th anniversary celebration.

We mingled with the Jubileers, winter class of 1950, who celebrated their 50th in an adjacent ballroom. What a great time everyone had! No one dreamed it could have been such a success. The room rocked with squeals, gasps, tears and laughter. So many memories were rekindled and shared. Everyone had such a great time that we're planning to do it again in 2005. One hundred twenty five (125) Alohans attended, including 25 from outside of California. Those coming the farthest were Roger SAFDEYE all the way from Colombia, and Chuck SASSARA from Alaska. The alums were joined by 65 enthusiastic spouses and friends.

Each of the Alohans attending received a "50th Reunion Bio Book," a collection of contributed single-page questionnaires on "life highlights" and "fondest memories."

Activities included a Friday evening Cocktail Party, a tour of the J. Paul Getty Museum on Saturday, followed by a Gala Dinner Dance, and then on Sunday a picnic at the All-Alumni Day at Uni.

Following the reunion, a full-color Memory Book was prepared with many photographs taken at the reunion. Also included was "The Class Directory" with current contact information. Photomontages from the Memory Book are reproduced here.

Grayne FERGUSON Price and Lew LEEBURG took the lead in organizing the reunion. Pictured below are most of their enthusiastic and effective committee,


Front Row: Pat PRICE Kaspar, Ann RALSTON Carter, Barbara DANN Lindquist,
Grayne FERGUSON Price, Barbara ADAMS Unruh, and Lenette DE LAMAR Ogulnick

Back Row: Ed ZWIEBACK, Ivan FINKLE, Lewis LEEBURG, David HAND,
and Larry PORTER

Not Pictured: Tony BENNETT, Malcolm RILEY, Natalie WELLS Eilerton,
and Jane WANOUS Biel

Nearly thirty years ago we had a 21st reunion, but somehow didn't manage to pull ourselves together until it was time for our 50th. Since 30 years passed lots of folks had moved, changed names, etc., and were hard to locate. Thanks to our super tracking team led by Larry PORTER, we amazingly located nearly 75% of our class, 300 out of 410. We are still working to locate every classmate. A list of the current missing can be found elsewhere on this site.

Last updated on 04/27/03 by CEC


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