The 55th Reunion of both the Summer 1950 (“Alohan”) and Winter 1950 (“Jubileer”) graduating classes of University High School was held jointly on May 20-22, 2005 at the Marina del Rey Hotel just 6 miles due south of Unihi.  


Special thanks need to be extended to the two reunion committees for making this such a successful event:


Alohan Reunion Committee: Tony BENNETT, Charles CORBATO, Lenette DE LAMARE Ogulnick, Grayne FERGUSON Price, Ivan FINKLE*, Cheryl STOCKWELL Graf, David HAND, Lew LEEBURG, Ena NUNEZ Tinkham, Larry PORTER, Malcolm RILEY*, John SCHAEFER, and Ed ZWIEBACK.


Jubileer Reunion Committee: Bill BURNS, Ray CARDENAS*, Bob DE WITT*, Buddy FISCHER, Paul MERRIFIELD, John PETTY, and Ted WILLIS.


* Co-Chairs


Events included: a Friday evening casual cocktail party; a Saturday “New Landmarks” tour of Los Angeles's new Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels and the new Disney Concert Hall, designed by Frank Gehry; a Saturday evening gala dinner-dance; and finally a Sunday morning “Farewell” brunch, primarily for those staying at the hotel, before departing back to the real world. Approximately 56 Alohans and 24 Jubileers attended, and when you add in the spouses and friends who joined the festivities, the evening events had nearly 120 people


Special thanks also need to go to Alohan Dave HAND for leading the Saturday trip, to Alohan Grayne FERGUSON Price for arranging the “Memorabilia” table on Friday and Saturday evenings, and particularly to Ivan FINKLE for overall coordination of all the weekend activities.


Special recognition was given at the dinner-dance to Ray ANDERSON (Alohan) and Gloria GIOGA Thomas (Jubileer) for coming the longest distances to attend (from Fayetteville, Pennsylvania and Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, respectively).  Also receiving the MKTLP Award (named for “Mr. Keene, Tracer of Lost Persons”) were Alohans Larry PORTER, Charlie CORBATO, and Ed ZWIEBACK for finding 106 missing Alohans after the 50th reunion with only 11 now missing of the class of 407.


Below is a selection of photographs from the reunion (A = Alohan, J = Jubileer; photos contributed by Georgia COBLENTZ Matheney, Jack HOSMER, Linda SHOFF McCausland, Ray ANDERSON, and Charlie CORBATO):

View of Marina from Hotel

Saturday trip: Exterior of Cathedral

Tapestries inside Cathedral

Saturday trip: Disney Concert Hall

Early morning at the Marina

Cocktail Party: Jean HUNT Gaines and Ivan FINKLE

Dinner-Dance: MKTLP Awardees (Alohans ZWIEBACK, CORBATO, PORTER)

Dinner-Dance: Joan BRAVERMAN Gardner (A), Suzy GREENE Mason (A), Georgia COBLENTZ Matheney (A), Suzi REINHARDT Greene (A), Linda SHOFF McCausland (A), Ann RALSTON Carter (A), and Grayne FERGUSON Price (A)

Dinner-Dance: Joan BRAVERMAN Gardner (A), and Georgia COBLENTZ Matheney (A)

Dinner-Dance: Howard WIEGAND (A)

Dinner-Dance: Jean HUNT Gaines (A); Bob NEWHOUSE (J) and Ray CARDENAS (J) in background

Dinner-Dance: Bret SMITH O’Hara (A) and Linda SHOFF McCausland (A)

Dinner-Dance: Peter Nicklin and Linda SHOFF McCausland (A)

Dinner-Dance: Lenette DE LAMARE Ogulnick (A) and Pat COX Grotewiel (A)

Dinner-Dance: Pat COX Grotewiel (A)

Dinner-Dance: Charles (“Chick”) LESTER (J), Bob NEWHOUSE (J), and Dee Newhouse

Dinner-Dance: Gunlog Anderson, John SCHAEFER (A), Mary Schaefer, and Ed KENNEDY (A)

Sunday Brunch: Marry Carol ROBINSON (J), Barbara CHILDS Harvey (A), Barbara CRIST Hosmer (A), and Georgia COBLENTZ Matheney (A)

Sunday Brunch: Jack HOSMER (S’49) about to make a big splash

Sunday Brunch: Barbara CHILDS Harvey (A), Joyce WALTON West (A), Barbara CRIST Hosmer (A), and Ann RALSTON Carter (A)

Final view of the Marina

A list of the Jubileers and Alohans in attendance can be accessed here.

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