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The map below shows by means of white circles the geographic distribution of 237 Alohans living west of Denver in the conterminous US (based on the November 2000 address file). Unihi is shown by a red circle and the geographic center of the Alohan class is shown by a blue circle, located approximately on the California-Nevada boundary west of Las Vegas. A quarter of the class still live within 13 miles of Unihi, 50% within 53 miles, and 76% within the state of California. Only 5% of the class lives outside the boundaries of the map. [Data compiled by Charlie Corbato; see note below.]

location map

[Basemap is the Western United States 2-minute/pixel compilation by Andrew Birrell (© 1994, 1995), based on the 5° x 5° maps of Ray Sterner (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab).]

The map shown above was made in early 2001, based on data from November 2000. Since then 71 "missing" Alohans have been located. Now (the middle of December 2002) our address database includes 307 Alohans in 28 states and 2 foreign countries, with 223 (73%) living in CA, 15 (5%) in WA, 8 in AZ, 8 in OR, 6 in CO, NV, and TX, 3 in ID and NM, and the remaining scattered over 9 states with 2 each, and 10 states with 1. Thirty six Alohans (12%) now live outside the boundaries of the map above.

Last updated on 04/27/03 by CEC


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